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Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder in which you binge eat (larger amounts of food than most people would eat in one sitting), at least twice a week. You may feel totally out of control when this is happening.

To avoid gaining weight from eating so much, you may take extreme measures:  make yourself sick, use laxatives, exercise a lot, or fast/restrict your diet. It is likely to be quite secretive, with most people not knowing that this is happening.

This pattern is distressing, because your weight & body shape is very important to you. You definitely feel worse about yourself on ‘fat’ days compared to when you are being ‘good’. How you feel about your body can impact more on your self esteem than your capability at work, your relationships, and other important aspects of your life.

Even so, you may feel powerless to change. The urge to binge can seem overwhelming. Even if you manage to delay it for a little while, it seems inevitable. It is easier to just go along with it sometimes.

The prospect of treatment can seem daunting, and could seem very difficult and painful. If it were easy, you probably would have stopped by now. You may also panic about giving up purging, fasting & exercise, as you fear you might get fat.  Therapy will involve learning the triggers for you bingeing, and developing strategies to cope with the cravings. We then work on why you developed bulimia to begin