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Due to a recent increase in new referrals, Dr Angela Morgan is unable to accept new clients. Angela believes that clients should be optimally seen in a timely fashion, and she is unable to meet that requirement at this time. Please speak with your referrer about other provider options.

Self-esteem refers to your overall appraisal of your self-worth. If you have low self-esteem you may be likely to:

  • Criticise yourself harshly;  be hypersensitive & deeply affected by criticism from others
  • Have trouble, or lack confidence in making decisions
  • Have difficulty saying ‘no’ to people, or be a people-pleaser at the expense of your own needs
  • Feel excessive guilt or blame
  • Seek reassurance that you are ok from external sources
  • Sometimes you don’t know who to trust
  • Be perfectionistic
  • Maintain a ‘facade’ that prevents others from seeing the real you