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Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on its way…

And that damn Easter Bunny is bringing Lindt Bunnies, hot cross buns, and lots of opportunities to overeat.

Easter doesn’t have to be this way

Consider the following tips for those of you who are prone to overdoing it at Easter:

  • Don’t have eggs in the house if you don’t need eggs in the house. If you are buying eggs for the kids, don’t buy them too far in advance
  • Minimize the caloric impact. Go for hollow eggs rather Cadbury Crème-eggs, or eggs full of M&Ms (note: this does NOT mean you get to go to town on hollow eggs “because Angela said they’re less fattening”)
  • Practice moderation. One or two eggs doesn’t mean that you’ve blown it & may as well start again on Tuesday. Go back to your regular eating plan from the very next meal
  • Plan activities – go for a walk, have a day trip, be in nature
  • If you have Christian beliefs, take time to think about the reason for Easter, and what it means for you

Easter offers a myriad of opportunities to practice Mindfulness of Easter Eggs:

  • When you notice the egg-related thought, pause, and do something else first (paint your toenails, do some deep breathing, clean your teeth). Then choose whether to have the egg or not. Consciously create extra time between the egg-related thought and actually having the egg
  • Practice flexibility with Finish-The-Plate rules. Have the Lindt bunny, but experiment with leaving the tail behind. See what it feels like to throw the tail in the bin. Is that really “waste”?
  • If you’ve decided to have an egg, eat it mindfully. Turn off the TV, put down the book, step away from the computer. Sit down at the table. Slowly unwrap the egg, paying attention to all the thoughts that are going through your mind. Notice the sound of the foil as you unwrap it. Notice how you are feeling about having the egg. Bring the egg to your nose & pay attention to the scent. Slowly, take one bite. Pay attention to the texture, the taste & the sensations of chewing. Put the rest of the egg down as you are eating, and only pick another piece when your mouth is empty. Continue in this way…as you decide to take each bite, make this a conscious decision based on how much you are enjoying the taste, and how hungry/satiated you feel, rather than the “because I’ve already started it” thought.

Dr Angela Morgan can help you break free from this cycle, and develop a healthier relationship with food.

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